Juan Luis Eugenio-Martin

Deputy Head of Department (Análisis Económico Aplicado)                  My CV: [Link]

Lecturer in Economics

Researcher in Tourism Economics (EIT Research Group)


Editorial Board Member of Tourism Economics

Editorial Board Member of Journal of Sustainable Tourism




Phone: +34 928 458205

E-mail: juanluis.eugenio @ ulpgc.es

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Eugenio-Martin, J.L. and F. Inchausti-Sintes (2016)


Low-cost Travel and Tourism Expenditures


Tourists' perception of saving money with the cheaper air fares offered by low-cost carriers may encourage them to spend more money at their destinations. This paper aims to test the following hypothesis: "Low-cost travel savings from tourists' place of origin are transferred, at least partially, to higher tourism expenditures at the destination". A system of simultaneous equations is estimated using the 3SLS method, distinguishing between tourism expenditure at the origin and at the destination. The methodology may be applied to any destination and for different policy assessments. The results for the case of Canary Islands show that the hypothesis holds for most tourist profiles, with savings-transfer ratios that range between 10.3% and 46.1%.  [Paper]



Eugenio-Martin, J.L. (2016)


Estimating the tourism demand impact of an airport enlargement with structural time series models


This paper shows how structural time series models can be used to estimate short run and long run tourism demand impacts of an airport enlargement. The impacts are measured by interventions on the series. Such interventions can be related with one-off events, permanent shifts or permanent changes in the slope of the series. The study case concerns with the Malaga airport enlargement. The impact distinguishes two effects: the new terminal building and the new runway. The results show that the infrastructure made a difference in pulling additional international tourists, especially those who fly with low-cost carriers. [Paper]

Campos-Soria, J.A., F. Inchausti-Sintes and J.L. Eugenio-Martin (2015)


Understanding tourists' economizing strategies during the global economic crisis


This paper explores how tourists from 165 regions of EU-27 countries cut back their tourism expenditure during the global economic crisis in 2009. Cutbacks in tourism expenditure are divided into two mutually related decisions: Firstly, whether or not the tourists decided to cut back on tourism expenditure because of the crisis; and second, which of six options they employed as their cut-back strategy: “fewer holidays”, “reduced length of stay”, “cheaper means of transport”, “cheaper accommodation”, “travel closer to home” or “change the period of travel”. The econometric model used to address these kinds of simultaneous decisions is an adaptation of the Heckman model within a generalized structural equations modelling approach. This methodology controls for sample selection bias and correlations between equations. This paper highlights patterns in cutback decisions that are associated with the socioeconomic characteristics of the household and the climate in the country of origin.  [Paper]


Attending 7th IATE 2019 at Universidad de La Plata (Argentina)


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Conference: 3rd-6th September 2019


Past conference 6th IATE 2017 was at University of Bologna, in Rimini Campus



Papers in progress:

1. On tourism income elasticities (with Jose M. Cazorla)

2. Income-based optimal tourism carrying capacity (with Federico Inchausti and Yeray Moro)

3. On tourism growth and GDP impact (with Ubay Perez)

4. On tourism local impact on employment (with Estefania Sanchez)

5. On ex-ante tourist attraction pricing (with Sergio Ardila and Adela Moreda)

6. On tourism project assessment with computable general equilibrium and cost-benefit analysis (with Gines de Rus and Federico Inchausti)

7. On heterogeneous preferences for carrying capacity

8. On beach crowding indicators (with Sara Gonzalez)

9. On latent tourism demand (with Jose M. Cazorla)

10. On low cost carriers crowding out effect (with Ubay Perez)

11. On tourism climate index with hurdles (with Federico Inchausti)



Research interests


Tourism Economics. In particular: Determinants of tourism demand; Forecasting; Economic impacts assessment; Optimal tourism development; and Sustainable Tourism.


Methodologies of interest: Microeconometrics; Structural Time Series; Panel data; Multicriteria decision making; Structural equations modelling; and Computable general equilibrium.



Publications (recent only):


Eugenio-Martin, J.L. and F. Inchausti-Sintes (2016) "Low-cost travelling and tourism expenditures", Annals of Tourism Research, Vol 57: 140-159. [On-line paper]


Eugenio-Martin, J.L. (2016) "Estimating the tourism demand impact of an airport enlargement with structural time series analysis", Tourism Economics, Vol. 22(2): 254-268. [On-line paper]


Campos-Soria, J.A., F. Inchausti-Sintes and J.L. Eugenio-Martin (2015) "Understanding tourists' economizing strategies during the global economic crisis", Tourism Management, Vol. 48: 164-173. [On-line paper]


Eugenio-Martin, J.L. and J.A. Campos-Soria (2014) “Economic crisis and tourism expenditure cutback decision”, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 44: 53-73. [On-line paper]



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